It is that time of year again when one checks the mailbox more regularly. Problem is that you find all those bills first and then… with great anticipation the latest copy of New Glass Review is there!

Although Susie J. Silbert (curator of Modern and Contemporary Glass at the Corning Museum of Glass) sent me a congratulatory letter in January the excitement to have a hard copy in your hand is unprecedented. I didn’t know which work got selected.

Schiesheim Session made it! Thank you so much! It is an honor and privilege to be selected for such a prestigious publication which annually informs global trends in art and sculpture made with glass in its myriad forms, shapes, techniques and narrative.

It is also a proud moment to represent South Africa but also Africa on an international platform. I hope to see more voices participating and challenge global trends with our own flavor of glass.

A big thank you goes out to Samuel Weisenborn for allowing me to hammer, drill, cut, saw, grind and polish in his kick ass studio and workshop in Schiesheim, Germany to make this wonderful and fun sculpture!

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Ngwenya Glass’ 30th Anniversary International Workshop
3-7 April 2017

One of my highlight of 2017 is to have been part of Ngwenya Glass’ renowned workshop again. The last time I was in the the Kingdom of Swaziland to make glass was 2010, for the VuvuAfrica project to celebrate South Africa’s Soccer World Cup and previous workshops.

This year the stage was set with seven master blowers on the factory floor. Peter Bremers directed and coordinated the invited participants, designers, artists and allocating master blowers in a positively productive chaotic dance on the floor of the Ngwenya Glass factory.

Internationally acclaimed master glass blowers joining Ngwenya Glass’ masters Sibusiso Mhlanga and James Magagula on the floor:
Davide Salvadore (Murano, Italy)
Tim Shaw (Adelaide, Australia)
Richard Price (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Marco Lopulalan (Leerdam, Netherlands)
James Devereux (Wiltshire, UK)

A big thank you goes out to Chas Prettejohn for the generous hospitality and opening the factory to a week of creativity. Ngwenya Glass is an example of where creativity and highly skilled professionals can meet to expand horizons on the possibilities glass can offer in a sustainable and African way.

It was a busy exciting week meeting up with old friends and making new ones whilst solving creative challenges on the fly.

Till the next time… 😉


Additional links to videos:
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