“Bullet Proof”


The first sculptures of the year are coming along nicely. They are for an invitational year long exhibition by the Stellenbosch Outdoor Sculpture Trust. This year’s exhibition is titled “Reflections”, which can refer to literal or spiritual meaning. (More details on the opening etc. will follow)
Their title, “Bullet Proof”, refers to the thick glass panes used in my sculptures. This glass dates from a tumultuous time in South Africa’s history.
These bullet proof panes come from vehicles used for riot control during the early nineties / late eighties, witnessing the stranglehold of apartheid faltering under the uprising to install universal democracy in our country.
Each pane bears testament to those times. In these sculptures they become a symbol of our personal lives, metaphors of being human.
Stone comes from earth, has weight and is ancient.
Steel is strong, malleable and manufactured.
Combining these elements and constructing the sculptures according to human dimensions I want them to “walk” among public life, as we do, reflecting their history and strength; reminding us of the path we have traversed to be right here, right now.

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