So, I have started this blog and am at odds of what exactly to post. Do I promote myself and build up an identity to be broadcast all over the globe? What do I want to get out of a blog? This last question might be the key to my dilemma.
I want to voice my opinion. I want to say lots of things on lots of different themes. I love art. I love art with glass and think I have a keen eye recognising good art made of glass. I love reading. I read about news and happenings to inform myself, of maybe understanding my place in all this. There is so much media and information at our fingertips. This is great but also has its perils.
Come to think of it my sculptures have been dealing with mass media and our perception or perspective of the world due to its influence.
I have used the narrative of our accelerated interconnectedness by making lenses. These are metaphors of mass-produced electronic devises – our information feeding troughs, if you like. All the information we feed on can be considered second hand. Broad cast moments ago…
My lenses explore this notion. My lenses are designed to play with immediacy. They “beam” all the direct info / light / image from beyond into the viewers eye. They encourage the awareness and experience of that which is here around us right now.

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