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Its dark. Our electrical network is shedding its load, “Disconnect Meditation” hour for many, actually getting used to the …
Thinking… Things are bad with lots of hope. One step at a time,one step at a time to a common goal. Lots of steps to take yet, but it starts with the first step. Find a common direction and start walking, together.
Direction is important but the paths are multitude.

Over the past few weeks many initiatives and conversation about glass and exhibitions were kindled. I suspect a fire is building. Great things are coming!
Lots of hard work ahead and looking sooo forward tucking in. Just placing these words bitby bit on this screen is becoming a liberation. (I also wish my space bar worked properly.)

(and there its gone,that tingling feeling I got in my gut. That rumble tumble,tapping along , bursts from my fingertips. And soon I’ll probably put a nail into the space bar.
Attenzione!! Attenzione!!
The moment has started and now its forward. Head for the hills!

Day two. It has been two days now that Nicki has gone down to Cape Town for Kamers. Sounds like they had a good start today.
It’s also dark again… Last night the power was out till six this morning. HEY! Lights are on!!

You know what this means? I am connected to the outside again…

Whew, I’m glad we got lights again. A whole night seems stressful. Without electricity, that is. (I really would enjoy typing more if the keyboard,the space bar, would work properly!)
But what to do?

I’m diverting my attention now with some intertainment.

Good morning. It is Saturday. Laundry in the machine, spinning, spinning.

Thinking back on this week… It has been filled with many conversations, positive and progressive plotting of the future. Mainly discussions revolved around glass. Some were enlightened observations, of a personal nature, which hit home. Actually this particular conversation was about strings, how strings are metaphors of personal attachments and the depth of their connections. Where do we come from? What is influencing our current behaviour?
I am fortunate to have these insights and people, friends who want to share and grow. I feel alive!

This morning I read an article in the Mail & Guardian ( by Trevor Ncube. I agree that the many of the troubles in our country come from strings attached far far back into history and relationships. I also agree that the leadership in our country is completely non-inspiring.
My personal observation is that politics is too embedded in national discourse. To much time and energy is spent on who is doing what and how must it be done etc.
More time must be spent on getting the shit done. It starts with taking the first step, irrespective if it might be the wrong one. We must move away from this polarised space and quit blaming others for our own inabilities.
We must take responsibility for our own freedom. We must realise that it will take constant hard work forever to liberate ourselves.

Yesterday I installed my sculpture at the Johannesburg Botanical Gardens in Emmarentia. The title of this work is “Web” and consists of several facetted lenses with holes drilledthrough them. Each lens is suspended among trees via string through the holes.
I had an idea and could see an image in my head. Each step was intuitive. I loved the process of making and would like to refer this to my above statement of taking steps.
I knew where I wanted to go and by just starting and going I traversed this space of uncertainty to a pleasing result of my labour.

Please come and see these amazing journeys undertaken by fearless artists at Jozi Landart opening tomorrow at noon by Jenny Crwys-Williams.

Artists participating in this third edition of Jozi Land Art: Lucas Thobejane, Lothar Böttcher, Anni Snyman, Erica Luttich, Gordon Froud, Chris Reinders, George Holloway, Moira McMurray, Sybrand Wiechers, Ronel Wheeler, Yannis Generalis, Di Miller, Gail Wilson, Colleen Winter, Lew Rosenberg, Suzanne Shaw, Ann-Marie Tully and Andrea Rolfes, Marilyn du Toit and Chantel Marais.
The opening is Sunday 10 May at 12:00.


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