The meaning of making art – a personal opinion, July 2015

Life is a journey and not a destination. The German version of this saying tolls: Der Weg ist das Ziel, which translates “the road is the destination”. Isn’t it ironical to consider myself African from a German decent…      (…does it leave a backdoor open? Why do i want to stay?…)

Making things and visualizing ideas is a journey. Often you end up in some bewildered place with no words or language to describe your creation and sometimes you discover a hidden valley of light and beauty. Such is the path of the creative.

At some stage you realize these truths. Failure is but a detour, an essential part of the journey, and success, an oasis to heal your parched lips. Then you set off on your next creative adventure. Your compass is the rising sun and often the itinerary changes as you go along. One thing is certain; you are constantly moving in a direction of accomplishment. When you should be standing still the possibility of progress and change is reduced, close to zero. So, best to keep on moving, keep on making and grow your abilities.

Learn through your process. Don’t be stupid. Although at first you will make many silly mistakes (which are an essential part of the process of learning and a sign that you are not standing still) your failures strengthen the determination of your focus.

You only have one life. There is only one moment to get the shit done. This fleeting moment must be used to its fullest potential. Make many mistakes. Don’t repeat them though. Most important, see your concept through. Finish what you started, even if it looks like a kak idea half way through. Finish it (and compensate). Remember, all you do is part of a journey. Make the most of it. There are destinations but the ultimate one is the journey itself. See your ideas through. Be determined in your travels, otherwise you’ll go around in circles.

Learn a craft. (Music, writing, drawing,…) Especially something challenging. Something that is not easy! Spend at least three years learning it from a master. Ask questions. Ask intelligent questions because you are intelligent. Sweep the floor and clean the tools. (I still do that every day.) Respect yourself and respect your work. Don’t chase a salary because that little monster will eat you alive… Love what you do and learn; you only learn when you are challenging yourself; you experience new adventures when life is a journey, so, its like holiday all the time… (…all above is based on perfect conditions and most of all a positive attitude …)    ….)a DreamScape narrative ecology…(…few actual holidays and lots of experiences…)
Q: Why do you do the shit you do?

(…global economy…? …are there alternatives?…)
I am not a religious person but do believe in spirituality. My Mother always said that god is in you. This gives me strength. God is in everyone!

It honestly is no clear-cut concept determining what one does for a life. Many factors play a roll. Should you take any random person on this planet and ask them why they are what they are they’ll …
Never mind that thought. Make up your own mind.

Why do I do the shit I do? I love the material I work with. I love the fact that so few people know how to work glass by hand. We all use it on a daily basis but have no idea of how it is made or where it comes from.
Mental Exercise: Remove glass from the world you live in… What do you see?

I feel special.

I am one of very few people on this planet that can do what I do. Within the makers of stuff this subcategory of: coldworkers, we all have our specialities. I use the materials at hand and apply the techniques which are known to me and enhance them. (Thank you to my Masters! Watching you and learning to be fearless is dawning on me.)

My sculptures refer to the above statements. They are part of my journey. I love what I do and every challenge gives me inspiration to complete and see the result of my labours; grow my knowledge of the process and material. Is it craft? Yes, ,maybe. Is it art, yes definitely. My work is a personal diary of the journey I am on through this fleeting moment called life.

When I am dead the journey ends.

My work is a personal map of my journey.



Images to follow.

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