The Glass is Half Full

So many positive things have happened during the past few weeks. This uplifting wave has opened up new possibilities and opportunities.
Looking back, this year has flown past. Is this due to me getting older? I guess the days are filled with more tasks that need completion and that is exactly what I am doing – getting shit done!
Business has been slow and sales few and far between. This absence of “distractions”, such as orders, has forced me to use my skills and what is at hand. Old projects were dusted off and tackled with new vigour. Using bits and pieces literally lying around, such as rocks and steel, my creative process and the resulting narrative has become focused and confident.
It actually frightens me how these energies are flowing, almost effortlessly. Drawings are becoming real objects and real objects are reflecting my inner thoughts. Mostly positive…, considering the reality we have to deal with daily.
I guess I have always been on the “glass is half full” side, optimistic but yet realistic that any positive change and progress takes a lot of effort. You’ll only climb a mountain by taking the first step and going forward. Not all decisions will be right and some paths lead you astray. As long as you are aware of this and keep going…
And this brings me to the opening statement. The last few weeks have given me returns on my investments. My time, sweat and blood have resulted in appreciation and sales of my sculptural work.
I thank all of my family, friends, supporters and believers for nudging me up this huge rock on my journey. I hope to give you a hand along the way too so that we can keep on  celebrating life together.
Rock on!!

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