Sunday Morning Images

Summer is not hiding behind the veil of Spring. It is hot and the days are dry. Today my little Sunday cycle took me to a spot I haven’t been for a long time – Roodeplaat Dam, next to the dam wall.

In my youth we took visitors from overseas to the wall, as you could actually walk on it to see the overflow gushing down into the valley below. I even recall a photo of me wearing a Spiderman T-shirt and imitating Rabobi.

I am glad to have taken the camera. I have always enjoyed taking photos and got my first real camera from my Dad, a Canon snappy x or something. It was an orange 35mm point and press gadget. My Dad had a Olympus OM1 which I used as a student for my photography. I still have that old mechanical wonder although its light sensor is broken.
This probably influenced my future choices of cameras as I am shooting with a OMD E-M5 now. Another reason is that I have really great manual lenses, 35 and 50mm, and an adapter ring to use on the new digital 4/3 format. These lenses have a nostalgic quality to them, almost like one is looking back in time through them.

Below are a few shots taken this morning. I am experimenting with Pareidolia, suggesting faces or familiar association within nature.
I’m consciously exploring the elements for this ongoing research…

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