And so the year is coming together…

How quick the mood and energy changes when the weather turns from jerseys and jeans to t-shirts and shorts. It might also be due to the certainty after elections. Who knows…? One thing is for certain, the world keeps on turning, irrespectively.

After many meetings, planning and discussions ideas are congealing into substance. Several shows are already done and dusted with several more lined up. Next week sees the opening of our collectively curated glass exhibition with Dr. Ingram Anderson and myself at the Pretoria Art Association.

We have been building this jigsaw puzzle since early last year and the final picture will emerge next Friday. The exhibition is titled “Out of the Fire, Into the Light” showcasing a wide range of current art made in glass throughout South Africa. Our specific aim is to bring the artistry of glass into the light, departing from purely functional glass work.

Twelve years ago we made similar waves, establishing the South African Glass Art Society. Unfortunately this was a venture ahead of its time and had to be shelved. Maybe, just maybe this new collective show will kindle conversation for future endeavours and collaboration to grow our small yet vibrant glass art community. (Nudge, nudge! Wink, wink!)

With almost 35 artists participating “Out of the Fire, Into the Light” promises to be a window on current trends here, the Southern tip of Africa. Established masters will exhibit along young flames guaranteeing a diverse oeuvre of inspiration, creativity, imagination and artistry.
We might not have the grandest furnaces, glass museums and history of glass but have passion, ingenuity and vision to open up a future for the material in new and unpredictable ways.

Here we come, ready or not!

Out of the Fire, Into the Light will open on the 23rd of September 2016. Please visit our FB page for more info and program of events.

Out of the Fire, Into the Light forms part of the Cool Capital 2016 Biennial.


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