What’s in a Name?

When 2017 kicked off there was a feeling of uncertainty. The winds were blowing in all directions and nothing seemed to point to any certain haven. I guess that is what you get when applying the adage “life is a journey and not a destination”.

That was then…
My sails are billowing and the role of helmsman brings with it the excitement of new horizons emerging!

At the end of last year Barbara Purchia and E. Ashley Rooney published Glass Art: 112 Contemporary Artists, of which yours truly is one of the featured international artists. I was so stoked to receive my copy in February and to page through it. What a wonderful feeling to represent South Africa in this comprehensive compendium of international contemporary glass art!

Whilst still on a proverbial high from paging through this prestigious book Jacques du Preez, the director of Labour of Love (a short cultural inset for SABC3’s morning TV, Expresso Show) phoned to do an interview. 
“We can come tomorrow to do an interview with you”, he said.
“…OK, lets do it!”, I replied with a feeling of entering the unknown.

The edited version was broadcast on national TV last week.

Those moments of uncertainty are frightening! I am not a seaman but have sailed on the open Indian Ocean and guess that is why the metaphor of being exposed to the unpredictability of what can come on your journey between ports appeals to me. It is important to stay your course and get through these moments of turmoil.

In the weeks and months ahead several exhibitions and events are already pinned to the annual map. Navigating these waters is going to be exciting and fun, new ports and ventures are emerging over the horizon and I have my paddle in hand…!

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