(…an apparatus for representing the positions, motions and phases of the planets, satelites, etc. in the solar system.
Origin: First recorded in 1705-15; named after Charles Boyle, Earl of Orrery (1676-1731), for whom it was first made.)

(adjective… of relating to a mechanism that represents data by measurement of a continuous physical variable…)

An orrery s a representation of a system through a clockwork mechanism. Its a mathematical device to determine times, phases and arrangement of cosmic bodies. It is an attempt to rationalize the cosmos, to quantify and predict.

In my version of the Orrery I am proposing a model of our engagement or view of the world.

Orrery Detail

For the See Art Exhibition at the Association of Art, Pretoria, the curator’s brief states that on average the “viewer (art-consumer) spends 17 seconds looking at an artwork in a gallery or museum.” A fleeting glance. Almost 17 times longer than flicking through and liking an image on your Instagram feed.

An average day in our contemporary social-connected society is filled with thousands of images, ideas, concepts. All secondhand info. All seen through filtered hand-held battery operated lenses.

My work is not a criticism on this deluge of cute cats and epic fails. It is much more a challenge to engage with that first hand experience we call life – our own life, curiosity, awe, amazement, discovery… through an analogue engagement.

I am attempting to bring the experience of immediacy to the spectator.

Rock = Earth
Cut grid on rock = Human “footprint”, terraforming, altering the environment in our image,…
Paint on rock = paint on rock
Lenses = Do you really see what I see? The human condition… discovery… love…

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