Step into my head…

Sculpting with glass has been something I have done for many years. As a cold worker, with my roots in sculpture, glass has always been approached from the vantage point of occupying and activating space, to be more than merely an object on a table.

Interaction is of utmost importance in my work, beckoning the spectator to come closer, surreptitiously prompted through curiosity, to step towards this anomaly within space and time, to look closer within and beyond.

Steel and other materials have also played a large role in my creative vernacular which continually evolves. Rocks are becoming a staple part of this assemblage, used for structurally weighted properties but also for the banality of its origins and symbolism – nature, ancient, earth…

Through my lenses I narrate a contemporary condition – a metaphor to our predilection of slurping up mass media and chasing acknowledgement through likes on our battery operated hand held digitized lenses – sanitized reality of second hand experiences.

Combining these apparently disparate metaphorically loaded materials I am constructing sculptural poems reflecting on our human condition. When recognizing a figure, face or gesture in these sculptures it is actually an intended path I want to lead you to – back to a time when we as a species evolved consciousness, making sense of the cosmos by recognizing ourselves in the universe.

Since ancient times we have been shaping the space around us, associating patterns as familiar images. Think of the stars: Orion the Hunter crossing our skies during Summer who has several cultural interpretations across the globe. We often see faces in rocks or elephants in clouds.

I love this open thinking of seeing something that is not really there. It stimulates my imagination and drives me to look deeper and see more possibilities, ambiguously.

More than often these sculptures start telling a story, a tale told through light, line, shape and shadow, reflecting on that inner desire to be human again.

Next week the Turbine Art Fair takes place again. I am delighted to be represented by Ronel van de Vyver’s Millennium Gallery from Pretoria. Please do make a turn to experience over 50 galleries “showcasing the best contemporary and emerging African talent”.

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