The foundation of consciousness

Recognizing something familiar in the seemingly mundane has happened to all of us. Pareidolia is the term given to this phenomena.

I have been looking and seeing things through my lenses and sculptures for many years, using glass and my trade as a vehicle to understand and make sense of the universe and our place in it. By simplifying, reducing the complexity of my work I have discovered something clearer.

More research is needed to give a qualified answer to my discoveries, but for now it is the personal experience and proverbial journey that interests me. This less convoluted view is exciting. Every idea is new. Every idea is old. Always evolving.

What I think I am touching on is something ancient. Something as old as humanity or even the human condition itself. I believe that my current work is reaching back to the moment we consciously started asking questions about who we are in relation to everything else.

Although hundreds of thousands of years, indeed millions, have passed since this primeval spark ignited our curiosity it still drives, guides and protects us today. Lets call it the foundation of consciousness. 

These thoughts were triggered by The Ice Age twitter post.
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