Full moon, sun spots and …

Creativity never rests…

Spring is in the air! The dreary browns and short days are making way for warm smiles and fresh sprouts as Earth swings around the Sun, tilting our South side closer.

All this positive movement inspires new ideas. What a jam packed week lying ahead!

Lets start with yesterday, 4 September: Sunspot AR2673 hurled a coronal mass ejection (CME) towards Earth. This cloud of stellar plasma will presumable reach our rocky crust tomorrow, the 6th.

And on the 6th of September SculptX opens at the Melrose Gallery. I am proud to say that a few of my works will be part of this inaugural annual event which, incidentally, coincides with the Joburg Art Week, which in turn sees several exhibitions, talks, walks and other art events all over the city such as the tenth FNB Joburg Art Fair, Joburg Fringe, Kakotopia at the University of Johannesburg Art Gallery and much much more.

Lets all that plasma from our life-giving fiery orb bring us good vibes and vibrations!!

On Friday Millennium Gallery in Pretoria will open its doors again. Millennium Gallery was established in 1997 as one of Pretoria’s “first conceptual contemporary art galleries”. Please follow the link for more info.

After Friday its Saturday, which means the week ain’t over yet. Keep your eyes on social media channels, put on your walking shoes and enjoy a bumper start to Spring!

Oh, yes, tomorrow is also full moon. Its a Cosmic Bonanza – everything is connected!! See ya!


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