Meta-Phor is a series of three sculptures juxtaposing analogue phenomenology against our digital consumption of second-hand experiences by referencing social media symbolism and handheld devises.

The title references a duality, of that what you are seeing being a suggested resemblance of something else, something very familiar in this digital age.

I have been working with this theme long and every time a specific work is done new narratives emerge. This time around I was influenced by the release of the new iPhone X which is said to be an all glass exterior device. The fact that these devices are still called phones is in my opinion incidental. They have become massively powerful tools to record and share information and experiences with the ability to augment us as individuals on a global scale.

Yet, we like and flick through miles of this constant thread of info without actual tangible involvement. Spending two seconds looking at a sunset on Instagram surely can’t replace the real thing. But then again we are being conditioned to create content for these platforms and be rewarded through the amount of likes and thumb ups.

Through my Meta-Phor sculptures I am attempting to regain some sort of “real” contact against that which I digitally consume daily. I guess it is part of the love to loose myself making things, constantly solving problems during the process of using my hands and eyes.

I would even go so far as to say the process of making is a metaphor for this journey of life…

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