Exhibition: Lothar Böttcher – Sculpture / Sotiris Moldovanos – Painting

On Saturday the 14th of October sees the opening of Sotiris and my exhibition at Dawid Ras Gallery in Sandhurst, Johannesburg. This will be the first time for us to show together, combining painting and sculpture in the the homely space of Dawid’s gallery.

My sculptures span from 2014 to the most recent work, Big Piep.

Inherent in most of the works is the combination of steel and stone with optically polished glass. Although the works are not directly figurative representations they do reference something living, a person running, maybe even an exotic bird.

Imagination is important to my practice. I love a sprinkle of ambiguity to nudge the spectator into thinking, using some of that childhood magic to project things from their mind’s eye and possibly see something that wasn’t there a moment ago.

It is also a means for me to remove glass from the “safe zone”, as an object placed on the table or mantlepiece. In a way I am attempting to breath a new life into this precious material, to visually animate it.

We see with our eyes. Light is the medium with which we make sense of our visual world. My glass strengthens this phenomena. Through placement of the cut, polished and facetted lens reference is given to a head, proverbially the place where we spend most of our living time, thinking, figuring things out, making sense of it all, looking, seeing…

Making art is an indescribable urge to create something, to see where it can lead. Art breaks the norm as it empowers me to bring to life an idea from within myself. This idea then manifests itself in a physical object which in turn has the potential to be shared with the world.

I don’t just make sculptures, I create experiences.

Each sculpture can be seen as a journey. The result is not necessarily a destination, a final point, but rather a vehicle to extend that journey to others. Can it be a universal language? – transcending borders and regional vernacular?

Please come on Saturday to our opening and we can continue this conversation.

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Lothar Böttcher – Sculpture / Sotiris Moldovanos – Painting

14 October – 07 November 2017

M. Dawid Ras Gallery, Johannesburg


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Keramikmueum Westerward, Höhr-Grenzhausen, Germany

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