Re-View Mirror

Re-View Mirror is a #ProjectProject
with Lothar Böttcher & Christo Niemandt
for Snake Eyes 2.0 at Aardklop 2017
Curated by Found Collective


Found Collective has done it again! Sprouting from their acclaimed and successful Snake Eyes at No End Contemporary several artists were asked to jointly work on collaborative projects for the Aardklop National Arts Festival in Potchefstroom.

The exhibition will congeal this weekend in the North West University Botanical Garden Gallery with the festival opening to the public on Monday the 2nd of October. Up until that moment it is anybody’e guess what the show will reveal. It’s a gamble…
It is also exciting!!
Christo works with film. Lothar with glass and light. Combining these mutual media they have created a visual paradox, transcending space and time. Their interactive work speaks to our relation of perception in this digitized era. Through visual feedback loops and strategically placed mirrors they question the fragmented image social and digital media presents to us.

Re-View Mirror encourages the spectator to physically engage with the work, to enter the space within, between and beyond. Lothar and Christo are attempting to bring a sense of immediacy back into our lives through this phenomenological experience.

Please play and enjoy. Post and share your experiences with
#ReViewMirror #ProjectProject #SnakeEyes2 #FoundCollective

Lothar Böttcher & Christo Niemandt

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