Pocket Lenses

Pocket Lens Portrait

This idea of an alternate reality inside your pocket is not new. Most of us are aquatinted with that digital version – the dumbfone.
You might have experienced important events through this device, sort off missing the actual action taking place just beyond. Like, when going to a concert where outstretched hands holding photon absorbing filters above their heads, like a puddle of people filled with luminescent rectangles.
Absurd as this seems, we have entangled ourselves within this web of framed perception. Our idea of what the world is and could be, is seen through these digitized framed lenses.
In response to my own navel gazing observations the idea for an analogue pocket lens was born. A framed handheld space through which to observe the contiguous world – and be observed. A device so cunningly crafted it will open your mind to alternate possibilities. A portal to absorb your attention, make you look at the cosmos and the cosmos at you like never before.
A pocket lens which is disconnected from any network except your own experience – a phenomenological device, making you the actual experience without that clutter of presumptuous algorithms.
A Pocket Lens is a tool, very much as the digital version. It should be used as such.

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