The Sensor & The Sensed

I am no neurologist and have personal philosophical views on life the universe and everything, but the experience of seeing, of perceiving life around us has become an important catalyst in my work.

As this new year kicked off there is a sense of urgency to manifest ideas on the concepts of seeing. I am fascinated by the infinite possibilities / perspectives a simple shard of glass can hold – facets, concave cut lenses and bent surfaces distort yet accentuate my field of view, in a way broadening visual perspective. These experiences are intriguing and play very much with contemporary systems of how we imagine the world around us – especially through our ”digital lenses”.

Here I refer to the #posttruth #fakenews phenomenon within social media.

I believe that truth is the experience of life, the right here right now moment of the individual. This constant bombardment of digitally tweaked images from exotic locations and the isolation of disconnected echo chambers brought to us by clever AI algorithms is distorting our sense of self. The masses are reprogrammed, are taught to conform, click and indulge in second hand moments.

I see this in myself.

My work questions these personal observations and forces me to look beyond the digital frame.

The process of making is integral to my practice; to manifest an idea from literally nothing; to create an experience through combination of seemingly disparate handmade and found elements and still echo our digital society at large.

”…there are two distinct substances. One is matter. The other is mind. Reality is not that ‘out there’ but a dance involving the sensor & the sensed."

Descartes Bones, p.57 Russel Shorto, 2008

Art should bring the spectator closer to themselves. This can be done by having the spectator involve themselves; to interact with the work and create their own nuanced narrative through the encounter – Phenomenology

Combining an abundantly mundane resource such as stone with steel and glass I make small sculptures resembling figures in various gestures engaged in holding a lens.

Stone has such a wonderful symbolism. We live in this narrow zone on this planet walking, driving, digging, dying on its hard crust. It is solid, old and comes in many shapes, forms, colour and uses. Over long periods of time stone becomes sand. Sand is the basis of glass.

This crust also holds minerals; the wealth of many nations…

…and so we can continue to fill in a narrative, suited to the needs of the observer.

The hand carved lens juxtaposes our digital mass engagement.

I prefer to not place too much emphasis on any particular narrative and keep my work slightly ambiguous; allowing each sculpture to walk its own path in the mind of the beholder.

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