Cars In The Park 2018

The annual conglomeration of collectable cars – Cars In The Park – took place this weekend again.

We haven’t been to this get together at Zwartkops Racetrack in a few years. This year we drove up with my 1971 VW bus. The old lady still runs smooth (thanks to Thomas getting the original 1600 air-cooled engine redone).

After missing the first two exits on the highway we made it to the racetrack. It was crazy! So many others inching ahead into the parking lot with us – a disused drive-in on the back of the track.

Once we were in, the humdrum of people and cars talking, milling and revving captured the senses.

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Its beautiful to see so many old-timer vehicles in such mint condition. I guess its the dry air here in the Transvaal preventing that European rust rot. Many original and many more beautifully restored and looked after “tjorre”1. Well, some were “tjorre” and some were of almost royal descent.

Walking along the racetrack there were stalls selling food and drinks – oasis’s on this warm windy August day whilst milling through classic clusters of Borgward’s, Datsun’s, Mustang’s, VW’s and much much more…

I took some shots, looking at details and trimmings. There is something sexy about these old ladies, an allure of days gone past.

  1. Afrikaans colloquial term for old car.

Discover more on the Cars In The Park FB page or Pretoria Old Motor Club website

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