In The News Today… (18/01/2019)

Have you checked the papers today? Have you read the headlines? The world is burning.

”Vicious Crackdown in Zimbabwe

“What if we just shut down SAA?”

“New Crop of African Leaders, Same Old Repressions and Suffering”

What has happened? We are drowning in a cesspool of bad news. Elected leaders are running rampant, destroying the gains made in democracy for miopic short term gains. Could this be capitalism’s last throes… and the emergence of something new, something worse…?

Change is not easy. We are living in times of change.

It’s just that there is a sense of helplessness, of not having any control over what is happening. We are not isolated in our own worlds any more but have become part of the global narrative.

My frustration lies with really bad leadership. Politicians have no moral ground, yet we elect them to listen and sort this shit out – Giving the arsonist the key to fuel and matches whilst employing them as our firefighter…

Could it be that the world is just filled with too much noise. Our constant contact with happenings all over, from Syria to Washington and Yellow Vests in Paris to Chinese military parades, icecaps melting and micro plastics in our food …

I feel I am drowning!!

What to do?

There is no point in pissing against the wind. You’ll get your leg wet and nothing more. Look towards the future. Make sure your immediate space, family and friends are okay. These are the things that count, not the chaos (and manufactured media impression of the chaos) out there.

Savour the beauty around you. Look at the sunrise and sunset. Each one is unique, just like every day of your conscious live is unique. Make every moment count and don’t get whipped up by the cunts (media, politics, facebook, etc.).

You are beautiful! You only have a moment in which your energy can consciously be part of this cosmos. Make it count. Make the people around you happy, laugh, drink, dance!

Fuck all the bullshit!

Large corporations have highjacked our brains. Instagram is not reality. Taking a walk in the rain is. Plant some vegetables and eat them.

We are inside the belly of the beast. The shit is not coming, it is here. We have entered an era of perceived unpredictability, which is exactly where they want us to be.

Don’t just work, spend and consume. Do what you love doing. Also do what you hate doing, because it needs to be done – cleaning the drain, doing your tax returns, exercise, get up early, pick up the puppy’s poo…

Life is beautiful!!

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