2019 – Grit & Wheels, Schiesheim, Germany

Samuel Weisenborn opened his studio, barn and backyard to international Glasschleifer and Cold Workers, instigating the first international “Cold Worker’s Get Together” in Schiesheim, Germany.


Grit & Wheels, the inaugural title of this event, was co-ordinated by the participating artists themselves, with no set theme or timetable during the two weeks from 15 to 27 July.

Cold workers came from Holland, Sweden, Germany and myself from South Africa. Food was prepared in a field kitchen, we drank, ate and discussed techniques and tricks at the long communal table in Sam’s barn, tented in the the backyard and were given sleeping place in the old farmstead.

Although this was a cold work get together we experienced the hottest German Summer days in recent history!! The studio was a place of solace, staying cool throughout with its thick walls and wet environment.

Sam’s cold shop studio must be one of the best I’ve ever seen and worked in. His vast selection of stone wheels and machines, collected over many years, is unprecedented. Through Peter Kuchinke, Sam organised several blown glass blanks for us glass-cutters to sink our “gritty teeth” into. 😉

Sam, in collaboration with Sascha Hasanovic (from Badabing Glaswerk fame), set up a flame working studio to combine torch and cold glass processes. The potential for new avenues is only curbed by your imagination…!

These two intense weeks were filled with loud spinning wheels, cuts, burns, music, lots of laughter, sharing experiences and seeing new ways of carving, cutting and polishing glass which culminated in a celebration with an exhibition above the studio.

Cold Workers are the coolest!!

We are planning another Grit & Wheels… soon.


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