Iceberg sculptures premier at Dawid M. Ras Gallery

It is with great pleasure to announce the upcoming exhibition with Willie Saayman and myself at Dawid M. Ras Gallery, Johannesburg which will open to the public on the 10th of July 2020.

The exhibition will show several of my optical crystal sculptures, premiering the Iceberg series.

The way light entwines itself with glass has always fascinated me, and recently reading a paper on the act of scrying, which in words revealed the magical experiences we have “to see images in a crystal, water, etc. revealing the past or forebode the future”.
My new Iceberg series refers to the unrevealed, exposing the tip, yet enticing the viewer to come closer and explore…

During these unprecedented times with social distancing protocols, the opening will be staggered during the weekend. I kindly ask all interested visitors to contact the gallery as a limited amount of guests can be accommodated during the designated time slots.

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