What is it with your skulls?

I was asked the other day by a gallery owner on my glass sculptures: “What is it with your skulls? Some people love them and others have a total aversion.”

My work is always of a personal nature, an expression of what I am feeling. But then again, I won’t be able to explain this sentiment conclusively.

Carving a Glass Skull

Skulls can relate to death and danger. Just think of the iconography on a poison bottle or the sign on a high voltage power line. Skulls can also be associated to cults from ancient and contemporary themes. Especially with the current spectre of disease and death overwhelming the globe due to the Covid Pandemic, these symbols of mortality can instil unease.

I lost both my parents when I was in my teens. I stood helpless as my dad gasped his last breath after suffering an embolism due to broken legs from a car crash. My mother died a year later, her body riddled with cancer and suffering for months.

My outlook on life was formed through these heartbreaking moments. I realised that we all are mortal. I also realised that life is spectacular, filled with adventure, joy and happiness.

Both my parents are in my thoughts, every day. Fond memories often splash across my mind’s eye… and I miss them dearly.

What is it with my skulls?

Skulls can be me channeling the pain with which I live. It’s also tremendous fun to discover these icons of death and danger within the glass during the process of making. Call it an adventure…

I believe we are given just a moment, a blip of time on a planetary scale, to experience life. My art gives me a channel to deal with the past and experience the thrill of living in the moment.

And that is the exciting part of my work! Whether the theme is skulls or icebergs, my vision is to connect with an emotion, to tell a story with shape, angle and subject. As these obvious references start to unfold, curiosity takes over, luring you closer, igniting the imagination within and beyond contemporary glass sculpture!

Bellart Gallery

Bellart Gallery in Vienna has several works of mine availble including a series of skulls. Please contact the gallery for more info or follow this link to Artsy.

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