Lathe Riders, Secrets from the Cold Shop – at the Glass Art Society Virtual 2021 Conference

Lathe Riders will present Secrets Techniques from the Cold Shop in a live Lecmo at this year’s Glass Art Society Virtual 2021 Conference.

Lathe Riders is an international collaboration of cold workers specifically focussing on their Cold Shop Studio and Cold Working Techniques.

The presenters are all professional cold workers each with decades of experience. Their presentations will share their unique work spaces, tools and techniques to peers and a wider public.

The Presenters are:

Michael Bokrosh

Michael Robert Bokrosh (Seattle, USA) – Cerium Oxide Polishing 

Tobby Ritzkowski

Tobby Ritzkowski (Flanitz, Germany) – Cold Work without Power Tools

Samuel Weisenborn

Samuel Weisenborn (Schiesheim, Germany) – Freestyle Structure Wheel 

Patrick Roth

Patrick Roth (Bregenz, Austria) – How to use the Side of a Wheel for Flat Grinding 

Simon Holm

Simon Holm (Åfors, Sweden) – How to Straighten your Glass on the Flatbed Grinder 

Lothar Böttcher

Lothar Böttcher (Pretoria, South Africa) – Dressing a Stone Wheel 

We want to pass on the passion and knowledge to inspire current and future generations of cold workers. Lathe Riders is a continuation of Grit &  Wheels, encouraging and promoting Cold Work as a unique technique and skill, as well as to build a stronger network and presence for this branch of creative glass world wide. 

Each cold worker will present a short pre-recorded video of their “secrets” and technique with a short discussion and Q&A session, answering questions through public participation and from other presenters.

Lathe Riders will be broadcast on Friday the 21st of May at 06:00 PST / 15:00 CET.

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