New Glass Now at the Renwick Gallery, Washington DC

The New Glass Now exhibition at the Smithsonian Renwick Gallery in Washington DC will conclude on the 6th of March 2022.

It has been an indescribable feeling to be part of this seminal show highlighting the possibilities and diversity glass offers as an expressive medium. 50 artists from more than 23 countries form part of this exhibition organised by the Corning Museum of Glass.

View through a Pocket Lens

My work, Pocket Lens #1, plays with the notion of contemporary culture experienced through digital portals. Pocket Lens takes the shape of a smartphone but playfully engages the viewer to see and experience their contiguous space anew within the confines of analogue reality.

Instead of staring into a digital abyss one sees the world as it is, albeit slightly distorted by the optical effects of cut glass.

Long live glass!

For more info on available Pocket Lenses please contact the Chesterfield Gallery, New York.

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