Precious Beasts Photogram NFT

Light and glass are married and this relationship has always been fascinating to me. Complimenting my current exhibition at Ebony in Franschhoek a small selection of Precious Beasts Photogram NFT’s are now available on OpenSea!

During our lockdown waves of the past two years I dusted my darkroom equipment off and started printing photos. Looking at photos I took of my work a proverbial bulb lit up 💡.

Bull Ram

What if I used the physical sculpture as the image to print?  This will give me a physical duplicate of each crystal sculpture using light and chemicals! Wow!! 

Bull Ram Photogram

This wasn’t the end of it… 

Precious Beasts are inspired by the art of our distant, Palaeolithic  ancestors and how this trait of making marks with meaning links us emotionally to the past. I just had to give these images a twist.

Bull Ram Photogram

Digitally scanning the photograms into my computer and then applying virtual brushstrokes, reminiscent of ancient ochre marks, gave me the opportunity to weave a thread from ancient techniques to contemporary media.  

Only a few Beasts are available as Photogram NFT’s. Please follow the links below:

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