Carving Light, the Sculpture for Silwerskermfees 2022

Silwerskermfees poster of Carving Light Sculpture used for marketing of event

It’s not often when one gets a phone call out of the blue where the conversation kicks off around light, optics and sculpture. I answered this call at the beginning of December, to imagine a sculpture which encapsulates lights, camera and action for the Silwerskermfees 2022.

Haddad Viljoen, MD and Creative Producer at Sentient Creative, was on the other side of the line. He wanted to combine my skills as sculptor of glass and light with the magic of cinematography.

What a start to a spectacular collaboration!

Lothar and Haddad at the Silwerskermfees, Camps Bay, South Africa

Over the following weeks Haddad and film crew peered over my shoulders, filming the creation of “Carving Light”. The keen eye of Charl Fraser as cameraman kept on squeezing himself into corners of rotating machines to get that right shot.

I loved playing the starring roll in this movie. These are the special moments in life where everything just works. It’s just weird to actually see yourself work…

Below is the YouTube link to the full interview for the Silwerskermfees:

“Carving Light” is the title of this special sculpture. It fulfils every aspect of the brief plus some more.

Haddad is a director and magician of note. With his insane vision this crazy idea of mixing craft, art, light, film and story would never have happened.

Promo video for Silwerskermfees.

The cherry on top is that 2022 is the United Nations International Year of Glass. What a way to kick this year off and bringing glass into the spotlight!

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