Early Morning Eye Exercise – Watching the Planets Slide Past Each Other

Clambering up our water tower, before the sun even signals the beginning of a new day, I can observe the motions of our solar system.

Planets with names 25 April 2022

29 April 2022

29 April 2022 – Plane streaking past…

This ritual gives me perspective on the grand scheme of things. How small we truly are…

For months Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn have been sliding past another. (Neptune is also there, just not quite visible to the naked eye)

13 May 2022

To think that this is the light reflected from our billowing ball of fire, our giver of life and symbol of birth.

Staring towards the East, over a period of weeks and months, one notices the movement of these planets. What would our ancient forefathers have made of this?

25 May 2022

I’m intrigued by space and the immense expanse beyond our habitable crust since a child. A great influence is Carl Sagan’s Cosmos series from the 80s. His insights to life as we understand it and our place in the big picture has been instrumental in my understanding of who I am.

27 May 2022
27 May 2022 – Moon and Venus

When I stumble up the staircase to our water tower, camera and tripod in hand, I am excited to see the subtle changes from the day or week before. Noticeably, the cluster of aligned planets is drifting apart.

28 May 2022 – Moon & Venus

Every day is a unique opportunity to experience something new. Each sunrise and each sunset is a special moment that never was before and never will be again. These are the moments where mind and soul join, giving us a fleeting glimpse into the magic of the moment.

Our time is precious. We only have this small window where the atoms arranged as a human form give each individual the experience of living. How bizarre…

How bizarre that we saturate our consciousness with so much bullshit.

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