Meta Phor – Surreal Collages, Now Available on

Meta Phor has come a long way. These little yellow painted stone faces were once peering through pocket lenses. Their purpose was to speak to us about the tangible and virtual realities – about our analogue vs. digital lives.

One Meta Phor sculpture survives in a private collection, now in Cameroon…

Meta-Phor A (behind Pocket Lens, 2017)

All three faces were photographed from different angles. I didn’t have a distinct plan for them back then but the advent of NFTs with the possibility of continuing their narrative has rekindled inspiration.

Leveraging available material and continuing stories that interest me I have started to assemble surreal collages. Combining these stark yellow faces peering into space with, almost banal black & white landscapes, I am exploring visual connections.

Meta Phor faces echo the universal language of emojis, those little yellow icons used in daily digital conversations. These surreal NFT collages are so much fun!

The difference being that my faces are actual physical objects. Assembled form ready-mades, from quartzite stone, painted yellow, red and white they have the ability to translate a quirky emotion.

How beautiful the human mind is. Assembling the seemingly mundane into a phenomenological experience…

Meta Phors are so much fun! 🤩🙃😍

My Meta Phor collection is now available as NFTs on

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