New Glass Now Exhibition, Toyama Glass Art Museum, Japan

News just in!! New Glass Now opened at the Toyama Glass Art Museum on the 16th of July 2022.

New Glass Now premiered at The Corning Museum of Glass (USA) in 2019. This international exhibition of contemporary glass art follows the “New Glass: A World Wide Survey” exhibition of 1979 , when the annual publication New Glass Review was launched. 

“Uniting the various forms New Glass has taken is a democratic curatorial model made up of an open, international call for submissions, responses from artists around the world, and the transparent selections of a panel of diverse thought leaders in art, craft, and design. The glass that is selected is representative of the concerns of its time as well as the individual aesthetics and perspectives of the selectors.”

I’m very pleased to share Pocket Lens, a hand held tacit pocket sculpture commenting on our daily interaction with glass through touchscreen smart devices. The difference being that Pocket Lens aims to give you the experience of precious moments in the here and now. 

New Glass Now can be viewed at the Toyama Glass Art Museum, Toyama City, Japan from 16 July till 16 October 2022 and is generously supported by:

The U.S. Consulate General Osaka-Kobe, THE KITANIPPON SHIMBUN,

THE TOYAMA SHIMBUN, Kitanihon Broadcasting Co., Ltd.,


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