Changing Channels – Association of Arts, Pretoria

“Changing Channels” is the title for my upcoming solo exhibition, opening on Saturday the 24th of June, 11:00 at the Association of Arts, Pretoria.

This exhibition represents my exploration of different media, weaving photography and darkroom techniques with my sculptural works into new narratives.

TINATV Africa – Komatie, 2023

I’m fascinated by the impact of mass media on our daily lives. In my current series of sculptures called ‘This is not a TV’, I explore how analog and digital technologies shape our experiences, especially in this age of surveillance and alternate realities.

The series title is a nod to René Magritte’s famous painting, “This is not a pipe,” which challenges the relationship between words, pictures, and reality. Today, with an overload of fleeting images, it’s crucial to question what is genuinely real.

Changing Channels – Scratchy Pooch

Creating these works is a cathartic process for me. From carving TV-like lenses to finding interesting scenes to photograph, it helps me disconnect from worries and actively seek stories to tell.

Playfulness is central to my art. It’s been joyful to watch visitors interact with my sculptures. People enter the gallery, bend down, and look through the artwork, snapping photos and smiling. I love this because it encourages viewers to engage and interact with the art, not just look at it.

These ‘non’ TVs hold a unique power. Whether through social media images or physical encounters, they spark immediate conversations between viewers, the sculptures, and the surrounding space. I dream of filling entire rooms or landscapes with these captivating artworks.

My inspiration for ‘This is not a TV’ and ‘Changing Channels’ comes from contemplating my own relationship with mass media. I’ve been influenced by 1970s criticisms of television and modern perspectives. Works like Ant Farm’s ‘Media Burn,’ Richard Serra’s ‘Television Delivers People,’ and Nam June Paik’s art have shaped my thinking.

In conclusion, ‘This is not a TV’ invites viewers to reflect on their interactions with mass media, question how we perceive the world, and engage in a transformative dialogue beyond traditional art. Through my work, I aim to challenge and redefine our understanding of reality in a media-driven world that is constantly evolving.

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